Week 5 Story: Cindy goes to Juvie

I know everyone has heard the story of sweet Cinderella, but I am not as sweet as everyone makes me out to be. What can I say I get into trouble every now and then but I’m just having fun! The story you have heard about Cinderella coming home at midnight isn’t quite the whole truth! Let me tell you what really happened that ehh wonderful night!Once upon a time, there was a very affluent man and wife who had a rather charming daughter named Cinderella. The wife became rather ill that winter and passed away from repeated drug use that stopped her heart. As Cinderella and her father carried her out into the storm to bury her under the willow tree, blood flowed from her eyes, staining the snow crimson. Cinderella’s father began to weep. He told little Cindy “when you grow up, remember to stay out of trouble and allows follow the rules.” Cinderella pondered on these words for what seemed like thirty seconds and then shoved them to the back of her mind, forgetting them for all eternity.Fast…

Reading Week 5: Arabian Nights, Part B

(Aladdin finds the Lamp: Wikipedia)

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 1There was a poor tailor who had a son who was named Aladdin. Aladdin was a carefree boy who loved playing with other boys which upset his father, causing him to die and his mother to weep. One day he was approached in the streets by being asked if he was Mustapha's son. He told the stranger his father died a long time ago and the stranger told him he was his uncle. His uncle was an African magician. Aladdin went home to tell him mom about his uncle and she ordered Aladdin to find his uncle and bring him to dinner. When the uncle asked Aladdin of his trade, his mother burst into tears so the uncle promised he would help Aladdin. His uncle brought Aladdin to some beautiful gardens and through the mountains as he told him stories. After tiring, they built a fire and the magician uncle threw powder onto it and out came a flat stone with a brass ring in the middle. Aladdin tried running away, but his uncle pushed him to…

Reading Week 5: Arabian Nights, Part A

I chose this story, Arabian Nights, because as a young girl I was obsessed with the movie Aladdin. I loved the music, the colorful clothing, and of course, the magic carpet. I even saw Aladdin on Broadway a few years back with my mom. This version is a modern retelling of Arabian Nights by Scheherazade. I am excited to read this version and I hope it's packed with magic, talking animals, dancing, and magic carpet rides! Let's jump right in!ScheherazadeThe Sultan Schahriar had a wonderful wife who brought him great happiness. He showered her with the finest things the world could offer, but one day he found out she had deceived him and he felt obliged to put her to death. This made him bitter and he believed all women were wicked. From then on, every evening he married a new wife and by nightfall he would strangle her to death. The town was horrified and everyone was weeping for the loss of their daughters. There was a curse over them.The grand-vizier was the father of two dau…

Storybook Plan

Storybook ThemeFor my storybook project, I want to take a dark twist on classic fairytales. I want to tell the criminal stories of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the Evil Stepmother from their point of view. I want them to recount the night they got into trouble and ultimately ended up at the Fairytale Police Department. Cinderella is in prison for breaking curfew, Rapunzel has been imprisoned for assault, horse theft, and false imprisonment, and the Evil Stepmother was caught overdosing on wicked pills to make her the meanest mom in the kingdom. It will be three separate stories but they will all be told from inside prison bars. These are stories you have never heard before. I got all my story inspiration from Dan Ashliman's website of collections of classic fairytales from all around the world. 
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I am doing my storybook project on Untold Stories from the Fairytale Police Station! I am going to share the criminal accounts of Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the Evil Stepmother!

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Story Laboratory: Untold Stories of Adam and Eve, Week 4

MicrofictionsI wrote three micro-fictions on the untold stories of Adam and Eve. I am very familiar with the book of Genesis so it was very interesting hearing interpretations of the story. I had so much fun making these mini-stories that get the point across in a quick manner. Hope y'all enjoy it! 

The Fall

The serpent appeared to Eve in the garden. Eve told the serpent “I must not eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden for it would kill me.” The serpent tempted Eve by telling her “you will not die from eating this delicious fruit.” Overcome with temptation, Eve ate from the tree. She gave to Adam too and their eyes were opened to their sin. They became ashamed of their nakedness and covered themselves with fig leaves. God called out to them, but the couple would not confess their sins. The Lord cursed Adam and Eve.

Leaving the Garden

God planted a garden next to a sea that could wash a man from sin. God did not place Adam and Eve near the water to wash themselves …